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Critical Incidents

Unforeseen events can have a devastating effect on your company and its employees, with some businesses and individuals never able to recover.

Generally speaking such disasters are the result of natural, technological or man-made events, the consequences of which are often not considered until it’s too late. It is important to prepare for such events, so as to limit the effects and protect the business and its people.

Security Management

Expert security management, good security policies, practices and procedures all have a very positive impact on the profitability of your company, its reputation and products.

This value adding asset is, however, often overlooked and treated simply as a cost, even though failure to recognise its value and take steps towards improvement can lead to disastrous consequences for a business.

Therapeutic Services

The aim of counselling is to help you to recognize and understand the emotional barriers and psychological problems caused by reactions to events in your life.

A holistic, dynamic and positively challenging process, counselling allows and supports you in a safe and trusting environment to explore yourself, your thoughts and your feelings around any difficulties and to move to a position of change.


We found Sharon to be a very dedicated, passionate, sensitive and caring counsellor. Her approach is above all professional, which is fundamental to the nature of this work. In reality, the confidentiality and trust that one places in Sharon is unquestionable. Moreover, you truly feel she has real concern for your well-being.
Mr. & Mrs. JS - couple who sought relationship counselling
Paul was engaged by Hercules Offshore Arabia in January 2012 to provide geo-political risk analysis for the company as we operate in Bahrain which had been plagued by serious and violent public disorder since the onset of the Arab Spring the previous year.  His comprehensive reports and trenchant analysis have enabled us to keep our people safe at a time when other companies were leaving the country.
Terry Simpson - HSS Manager

Expert critical incident and security management consultancy for the benefit of your business and its people

Trust our extensive experience in critical incident management, policing and corporate security and the provision of therapeutic counselling services, in both the public and private sectors, to help you to:

Prevent, Prepare, Respond to & Recover from Critical Incidents: Critical Incident Management

Reduce Loss, Improve Profitability & Increase Security: Security Consultancy

Support Your People: Professional Confidential Counselling